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Livia Monami proposes a series of talks on nature and peoples of the world to elementary and lower secondary schools.

The journalist gives a lively account of her travels, showing slides and providing detailed information on the subjects the teachers have chosen. But the most important moment of the talk is the discussion after it.

By analysing the material contained in her talks, Livia wants to stimulate children to think about themselves and the different living conditions of people around the world so that they can become - and this is what these talks are really all about - free adults...

« I have always felt restricted in Italy... I have a lifetime dream which makes me feel profoundly free and alive, although at the same time very much a slave and prisoner because it is impossible to achieve: I would like to be an Asian, an African or a South American all at the same time... So I could experience in one single person how people in every country in the world wake up in the morning. If this were to be possible I would be at peace. Instead, the thought that every person on earth, from the north to the south pole, is experiencing something different from me at this precise moment, facing the world from a different viewpoint than my Italian one, makes me feel the weight of my limits, the limits of the human being. If I were a Tibetan, what would I put on this morning? How would I feel? Where would I be going? And if I were an Australian? If I were a Pygmy or a Philippine fisherman? If I were... On and on endlessly until I become desperate... Then I calm down and become satisfied with fantasies, my creations and my ordinary departures which have to respect the limits of space and time. Six months there, three months here... exploring, learning, living... as a Polynesian, an Eskimo, a Brazilian, an Indian, an Italian...
What would people be like if they had a bit of every world in their hearts?
How different people would be if they had in their hearts a bit of the hearts of all the peoples of the world...!!!
I feel that the world is my home.....there are no walls, no doors, no windows... »




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