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Livia Monami was born in Rome in 1964. She has been working as a journalist and photographer since 1989 and she is principally interested in nomadic populations and ethnic minorities the world over, a precious legacy for mankind that is in danger of extinction.

She is presently concentrating her attention on the coldest places in the world and is working on a book illustrating the lives of the indigenous peoples in Siberia.
In order to accomplish her photo reportages, the author lives with the nomads for many months. By sharing their traditions, habits and ways of thinking she manages to break through the invisible barriers that stand between two such different worlds.

She explores the least inhabited places on earth and meets what she defines as “the priceless treasures of humanity”. Livia compares herself to these peoples, she learns from them and she draws from them a kind of regenerating harmony and strength. All of this, along with their great illuminating equilibrium, is then channelled by the author into a world that “...for too long has been concentrated exclusively on negativity...”. This is her artistic and social aim.

Livia Monami’s photographic reportages are regularly published by the most prominent magazines both in Italy and abroad. For the past eleven years she has also been conducting intercultural educational conferences for schoolchildren, helping them to grasp the true meaning of “citizen of the world”.

She uses Canon equipment.







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