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Each time I return from a trip I like to share my experiences in foreign countries with others. A square, a school, a library, an arts centre or even simply a green space. Any place will do, in the sun or under the stars, to tell a story and illustrate with photographs intimate fragments of distant worlds.

When you feel strong emotions, when you discover something new, curious or different, something that stimulates you to think, to laugh or to smile, to remain silent or to speak, to live or to dream...and, why not, also to weep... when something happens "out there", your first instinct is to tell other people about it.

Perhaps because by talking about sensations of the past we relive them in the present and our pleasure is renewed or our pain alleviated. Perhaps because when emotions are shared with another person, and then another and another, we feel the whole universe vibrate and it seems that life extends to the infinite.
Perhaps this is why we recount....


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