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Siamo tutti uno
“We Are One”
The  book which portrays the diverse cultures
of the world’s tribal peoples and celebrates
the 40th Anniversary of Survival International

Survival international helps tribal peoples defend their lives, project their lands and determine their own futures.
It also strives to create a groundswell of public support in order to eradicate the prejudice and racism that lie behind the destruction of tribal peoples. Survival has repeatedly shown how tribal peoples thrive when their rights are properly respected.

Survival accepts no government’s money and is funded entirely by its supporters.

“We are One” is both a portrait of the beauty and diversity of tribal peoples, and a call to arms that raises many of the contemporary humanitarian and environmental issues inherent in their fight for survival: the growing universal need to place human values over economic ones; climate change and the destruction of rainforests; why western notions of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ should be redefined and why the tribal values of balance, humility and reciprocity are more important than ever in today’s world.
It is edited by Quadrille Publishing.

Livia has given her photographic contribute with her photos of nomads of Mongolia and Siberia.

All photographs, articles and extracts have been donated in recognition of Survival International’s 40th Anniversary.

The book may be purchased either in bookshop or online:

All royalties go to Survival.

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